Virtual CFO / Tax Preparation

Unless you are a one person shop, chances are you employ a bookkeeper or have an accountant helping you or preparing your books and financial statements. Even if you are handling all of the accounting on QuickBooks, you most likely have a bookkeeper or accountant reviewing the work.

Because all of your money, your cash flow, your billings, collections, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and last but not least, your taxes, flow through this bookkeeper or accountant, it is critical that you don't just "record history" for your business. Many accountants are great at recording history, but few actually are experts at dealing with small and medium sized businesses and helping you with business planning and creating wealth.

 If you had the money, you would invest in and hire a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) that would not only make sure your checkbook is balanced and your collections were up to date, but would answer tough money questions and give you strategic advice on issues like:

  • How can I legally reduce my tax liability?
  • How can I maximize my business cash flow?
  • Should I minimize my personal business income to pay less taxes or maximize it for retirement plan purposes?
  • What are the best investment vehicles to build my retirement nest egg?
  • Should I have a 401(k) plan for my staff? If so, how do I structure it?
  • I have a 401(k) plan today, am I being overcharged for fees and commissions?
  • Should I continue my office lease or be looking to buy a commercial building?
  • What is the real dollar value of my business in case I want to sell it one day?
  • Is the Section 179 tax deduction a good reason to buy some equipment at year end?
  • If I am audited, can my CPA handle the IRS?

Unfortunately, a bookkeeper or average public accountant won't know the answers to these questions. Often even a good bookkeeper or accounting firm will give insubstantial or bad advice or answers because they don't deal with business owners every day and the unique aspects of a business.

Bad Financial Advice Can Cost You Thousands of Dollars

Understanding this, we built an accounting and tax preparation service just for business owners that we call Virtual CFO & Tax Preparation.

For a fixed monthly fee, we will balance your books each month, complete your annual corporate tax returns, generate financial statements for your business, and once a year speak to you about preparation of a financial health assessment that overviews your financial strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you can have unlimited discussions by telephone or at our office with our internal experts. These include CPAs, business valuation experts, investment and financial planners, payroll specialists, and tax return specialists.

As part of this Virtual CFO & Tax Preparation service, we perform the following:

  • Financial Statements
  • Monthly & Quarterly accounting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • IRS Audit Representation
  • Sales Tax Reports
  • Business Management Analysis
  • Tax Planning & Advice
  • Payroll Tax Reports - Quarterly 941s, W-2s, 1099s, etc.
  • Business Budgeting
  • Business Income Tax Reports & Returns
  • Loan Packages for Business Owners
  • New Company Registration & Setup
  • Auditing

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