Instructions for Client Portal


Instructions for uploading and downloading your file(s) from your Electronic Mailbox (Sullivan & Company Secure Portal) are as follows: 

1. Log-In using the following internet address:

2. At the Sullivan & Company home page, on the top right select “Client Center” then select “Client Portal”. 

3. Enter your username (username is your email address) and temporary password (you should’ve received an email from ShareFile with your  temporary password). 

4. Please update your temporary password once you have logged into your account with a permanent password. If you have done this already, skip this step. 

5. Once logged in, you will view all folders assigned to your account. 

6. Click on the folder you would like to open in order to access the files. 

7. Select “Download”, print and/or save documents to your computer. 

8. For uploading documents into your Electronic Mailbox, click on the top right corner “Upload Documents”. Select the files you wish to upload and click “Upload”. You will see your documents uploaded into your Electronic Mailbox. 

9. When done downloading and/or uploading your documents, on the top right corner select “Log Out”. 

Please call should you have questions or need assistance viewing your file.

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